Please find our dress code outlined below.

Dancers are encouraged to order shoes through the studio in order to ensure proper fitting. Our shoes are available to you at a discounted rate. Please make an appointment by emailing, or drop in at any of the following times:

Thursday, September 7 4:30-7:30 (during open house)
Wednesday, September 13 5:00pm-6:30pm
Thursday, September 14 5:00pm-6:30pm
Saturday, September 16 9:00am-11:00am






Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, so we place a high emphasis on its importance! Ballet provides students with the grace, poise and technique necessary to develop a strong foundation for any style of dance. Dancers in Levels 2A and higher spend their ballet classes working on technique, so do not perform a recital routine. Ballet classes are required for all students who participate in lyrical dance classes.


Tap Dancing: Tap is a type of dance characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. We pride ourselves on our strong tap program, which incorporates elements of Broadway as well as rhythm tap.


Jazz is a FUN, quick moving form of dance, with a solid foundation in ballet and modern dance techniques. Emphasis is placed on leaps, turns, and progressions down the floor. Dancers begin jazz dancing after 1-2 years of tots or ballet training. Jazz dancing has quickly become some of our students’ favorite form of dance.


Ashford acrobatics classes are taught by highly skilled teachers who emphasize safety and proper form above all else! Dancers learn to be more flexible and strong by participating in this fun, yet challenging form of dance. Think gymnastics without the equipment, and set to music! Dancers wishing to participate in acrobatics should also enroll in a ballet or ballet/jazz/tap combination class. Skills assessments are regularly conducted to track progress.

Hip Hop

These classes are based on elements of hip hop dancing as it has evolved over the past 20 years. Dancers perform combinations of movements ranging from 80s style freezes and tricks, to 90s style sharp isolations, and current day break dancing. This is a fun class where dancers of all experience levels can learn a recital routine. This is also a highly recommended add-on class to dancers enrolled in any of our other technique classes. Dancers should be prepared to work hard, laugh, and sweat during Miss Caitlyn and Miss Lindsay’s hip hop classes!


Lyrical and contemporary dance are becoming increasingly popular, in part due to popular television shows such as “So You Think You Can Dance?” and “Dance Moms.” This form of dance can be described as a combination of jazz and ballet, with emphasis placed on fluidity of movement and using dance to portray emotion. This class is open to dancers with 2 or more years of experience in ballet and jazz, who are looking to express themselves through movement. Dancers in this class will perform a recital piece.

Special Needs Options

Ashford Ballet Company has always prided itself on it’s highly inclusive nature. We opened our first “self contained” special needs class five years ago, offering ballet to six dancers from School of the Holy Childhood. These six dancers are still dancing with us today, and we’ve also grown to offer five different self-contained classes, each meeting the needs of a different group of dancers. In addition to our self contained classes, we welcome dancers with a variety of special needs into our general education dance classes! Please read about our different class offerings below and contact our studio owner, Caitlyn to discuss class placement for your dancer.


Inclusive Dance Opportunities: We welcome higher functioning students with disabilities into our general dance classes. Due to space limitations, we encourage families to enroll early. Dancers requiring special assistance (those using wheelchairs or requiring 1:1 attention throughout class) are welcome in these classes, we will work with you to design a program that fits your dancer’s needs.

 Creative Movement for Dancers with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Teaching children with autism is one of Miss Caitlyn’s greatest passions. As a 6:1:1 teacher at Spencerport Schools, she has seen the positive effects that music and movement can have on promoting social awareness, engagement, and developing language. This new class is FUN FILLED, highly structured, and tailored to meet the needs of its participants. A visual schedule is provided, and can be individualized to meet student needs. Parent participation is welcome. Dancers use a variety of props (scarves, wands, balance beam, colored mats, bean bags) as they move to their favorite activity songs. Feedback on this class has been overwhelmingly positive! Come give it a try.

 Jazz and Tumbling for Dancers with Special Needs: These kiddos stole the show with their performance of “Rock Around the Clock” at the 2016 recital. Students in this class are ready to move and shake it… They are learning to tumble, kick, spin, and pick up choreography! Class is taught by the highly skilled Miss Lindsay who has a background as a Special Education teacher. Students with physical disabilities are welcome to join in the fun of this class!

Jazz and Ballet for Dancers with Special Needs AND Ballet and Tap for Dancers with Special Needs: These popular classes fill quickly! Emphasis is placed on learning technical movements and body placement in ballet, developing strength, flexibility, and following the general routine of a dance class. Movement songs and games are incorporated into technical dance instruction to keep dancers engaged. Students with physical disabilities are welcome to join in the fun of this class! Classes are taught by Miss Caitlyn (self-contained special education teacher) and Miss Courtney (occupational and dance therapist).

Private Lessons: If you are interested in having your child work in a very small group or 1:1 with one of our instructors, please contact us. Scheduling can be tricky, but we will do our best to work with you!

Performance Classes

This level is for dancers who LOVE dancing, and wish to participate in multiple classes per week. Dancers in these classes will participate in performance opportunities throughout the year including our annual Red Wings and Seabreeze performances, area festivals, and at least one local competition per year. Additional fees are associated with competition. These fees are minimal, and dancers are able to fundraise to cover the cost. Dancers must participate in at least one hour long ballet technique class per year and must also enroll in 8 weeks of spring/summer lessons following our annual recital. Contact Caitlyn for more information on becoming a part of this close-knit dance family.