MGOS Attire
  • White plain T-shirt OR White/Black MGOS shirt
  • Dancers above age 12 may wear a black T-shirt or athletic top
  • Black Shorts
  • White Poodle/Popcorn socks OR athletic socks
  • Ghillies
  • HHeavy shoes (advanced beginner and up)
  • Dancers age 10 and up are required to wear deodorant in class.
  • Absolutely NO pants allowed in class, it is imperative that we see your dancer’s knees and ankles to assess technique.
  • NO dance sneakers allowed in class.
Ashford Attire

Please note that dancers who are dropping in for a trial class are welcome to wear any comfortable attire. Shoes will be provided!


  • Tots 1, Tots 2, Special Needs, and Level 1 Classes-Any color/style leotard and tights. Tutus, shorts, or leggings may also be worn.
  • Ballet Classes (Level II and Up)- Black or pink leotard and pink tights. *NO TSHIRTS, SHORTS, OR LEGGINGS PERMITTED IN BALLET CLASSES LEVEL 2 OR ABOVE.
  • Tap Classes (Level II and up)- Any style leotard, tights, shorts, or leggings
  • Hip Hop Classes- Any comfortable, form fitting athletic attire is permitted
  • Acrobatics- Any comfortable, form fitting athletic attire is permitted


  • We understand that many shoes are passed down or donated to dancers. Dancers in all tots, special needs, and level 1 classes MAY wear any color shoes. Dancers in levels 2 and above must have the correct color shoes for recital and additional performances.
  • TAP
    • Tots, Level 1, Level 2- Black patent or leather tap shoes.
    • Level III and up- Black jazz taps
  • Jazz
    • Black split sole jazz shoes
    • *Dancers in level 1 may wear ballet slippers or bare feet for jazz class
  • Ballet
    • Tots- Light pink leather slippers are preferred for recital, but dancers are permitted to wear any color slipper.
    • Level 1-2- Light pink leather slippers
    • Level 3 and up- Light pink CANVAS ballet slippers
  • Contemporary/Lyrical
  • Hip Hop
    • ALL BLACK sneakers (must be clean and dry, may NOT be worn to class from outside!), black hip hop sneakers, or black jazz shoes


Hair must be pulled back away from dancers’ face. Level 2 and up requires a secure bun for all classes.


Ashford Ballet is happy to announce that we now SELL DISCOUNT shoes, leotards, and other accessories. Please see display board in our studio, and speak to your child’s teacher about ordering.

Shoes may also be purchased at Payless Shoes, Target, Dancewear Express, or at Consult Caitlyn for information about sizing or brands.

Schedule & Cancelled Classes

We follow the area school schedule and will be closed when school is closed* for major holidays, breaks and inclement weather.


*MGOS Competitive program may still have classes during breaks, please look for communication or ask your instructor.

Class Attendance

All students are expected to attend class on a regular basis, arrive for class on time, with correct attire, and ready to dance. In addition, all students are expected to participate in the annual April recital.

Financial Obligations

Enrolled families must assume all financial obligations associated with classes, and understand that accounts that are late fees that will be assessed for accounts 10 days past due.* There are no refunds for missed classes or for classes cancelled due to inclement weather.


*If you are having financial difficulty please come speak with your instructor!!