Time and Location Details

RECITAL 2017 will take place on Sunday, May 7

Spencerport High School Performing Arts Center

2707 Spencerport Road, Spencerport NY 14559

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*Entrances and parking lots will be clearly labeled. Look for the PINK signs.

Sunday, May 7:
Recital Schedule/Timeline:

1:30pm- Dancers Arrive!

2:00pm-4:30pm- Recital!

*NEW THIS YEAR: After dancers have finished performing, they are welcome to sit with their families in the auditorium.*


Frequently Asked Questions


Here are answers to some of the most common questions I am asked each year! Please let me know of any additional questions or concerns.

We want recital to be a wonderful experience for all.



(585) 415-3673


How will the day flow?

More information to come! Ashford Recital will be at 2:00pm.




How long will recital last?

Our recital this year is expected to last approximately 2.5 hours. We will do our best to keep the show moving, and have made adjustments which should keep the time between dances as quick as possible. All dancers are encouraged to stay until the end of the performance in order to receive their TROPHY!

How will dress rehearsal run?

Rehearsal is ONLY required for dancers participating in the Ashford Ballet Company recital. This allows dancers a chance to get accustomed to the stage, rehearse spacing, and practice with costumes.

  • 4:45- 5:15 Ashford solos and duets arrive and rehearse
  • 5:15pm-5:30pm- Level 4 and Level 3/4 Routine Rehearses
  • 5:30pm-5:45pm- Opening number rehearsal
  • 5:45pm- Show run through begins with ALL dancers. Rehearsal is expected to END by 7:30pm. Dancers are permitted to leave after their last dance rehearses.

Why are shows getting longer each year?

We are bursting at the seams! Seven  years ago we presented our first recital of 20 Irish dancers and 12 ballet dancers. We now have over 150 Ashford Ballerinas. We do our best to keep dances short, but also know that students deserve a chance to show off their HARD WORK!


What does my recital fee cover?

Our recital fee is ½ of what other studios charge (just ask parents who have transferred to us!). We charge families in order to JUST cover our venue rental fee and trophies for dancers. Costume fees are separate, but are also substantially lower than our competitors. We know because we spend hours researching. We do NOT profit from our recital or our costumes.


Why is the recital in Spencerport?

We recognize that many of our families live in the city of Rochester, and that some commute from the east side. Our decision to use Spencerport’s Performing Arts Center was not made without great consideration and research. Many factors were considered when selecting a venue including:

  • Most school districts do NOT rent space to outside businesses.
  • Those that do often do NOT allow tap shoes on their stage.
  • Other venues, including Nazareth College, Roberts Wesleyan, Rochester Auditorium, and the U of R charge more than double the Spencerport rate, which would increase recital fees greatly.
  • Other venues do not offer enough seating. We are a growing school in need of 1000 seats to accommodate dancers and families. Spencerport also has a fabulous parking situation, air conditioning, and a beautiful performance space.
  • Spencerport is an easy 15 minute drive from the studio


Is it possible to fundraise to lower recital fees?

Yes! Many families sold boxes of Niagara Chocolate and were able to reduce or eliminate their recital fees! We will offer this same option next year.


How many tickets will my family receive? Can we purchase more?

Each family will receive 5 tickets. We encourage families who do not need all of their tickets to return them so that they can be redistributed. Additional tickets are $3.00 and can be purchased at the studio or at recital.


Is Spencerport handicap accessible?

Yes! There is plenty of seating for those using wheelchairs.


Is there sufficient parking space?

There sure is. Two lots are specifically dedicated to our recital, and will be well labeled so they are easy to find.


Is my child allowed to sit in the audience after she performs her routine?

NEW THIS YEAR… YES. This year, all tots and special needs parents are responsible for their own dancer. This means getting them backstage 3 dances before their performance, waiting for them to perform, and bringing them into the auditorium with you. All dancers who are brought into the auditorium must be signed out with our backstage manager. Level 1 and up parents can chose to leave your dancer backstage under the supervision of our volunteers, OR can sign them out to come sit with you.

*We ask that dancers who perform in both the first and second acts stay backstage for the duration of the show. This minimizes people walking in and out throughout the performance. Waiting backstage with their friends is part of the fun of recital. 🙂

How long is recital expected to last?

Ashford is expected to last approximately 2.5 hours. All students will receive a trophy!


Is photo day required?

Photo day is not required, but is strongly encouraged so that all students are present in the class photos.


Is recital the best day of the year?

YES! All will leave with smiles on their faces. 

What does my child need to wear?

Please use the chart below as a guide to preparing for your child for photos, dress rehearsal, and recital!

Hair should be secured away from the face.

Make up is optional for tots and special needs classes, but is encouraged.

Make up is required for all dancers in Level 1 and up.

Level 1/2: Blush, light colored eye shadow and mascara

Level 3/4: FULL stage make up (foundation, blush, red lip-stick, brown eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner)

Click HERE for a chart of what your child needs to wear, dance title, etc…

Ashford Ballet Company Dress Rehearsal

Rehearsal is mandatory for all dancers in the Ashford Ballet Company Recital. This is a fun chance for dancers to watch their peers perform!

Date: Thursday, May 4

Location: Spencerport High School Performing Arts Center- 2707 Spencerport Road, 14559 [View Map]


  • 4:45- 5:15pm- Solos and duet performers
  • 5:15-5:45- Competition Teams (Level 3 and 4)
  • 5:45pm- ALL dancers- We will run through the show ONE time. Rehearsal is expected to end by 7:30pm if everyone is on time and the run through goes smoothly.

 Dancers need to wear FULL costume. However, correct colored tights, hair, and make up are NOT required.


Ashford Ballet Company Photo Schedule 2016- Saturday, May 6


Ashford Ballet Company Photo Day!

Saturday, May 6

700 South Clinton Avenue


·       Photos will take place in our upstairs studio.

·       Photos will be taken by Armstrong Photography: https://marmstrongphotos.com

·       Dancers are asked to arrive 10 minutes before assigned photo time in costume.

·       If dancers need to change in between pictures, the back studio will be used as a changing room.

·       Please wait downstairs for your child’s class to be called.

·       Dancers will pose for a group photo, and then optional individual photos if parents have ordered them,

·       We will do our best to adhere to our schedule. Please have your child’s order form and payment ready to help the day run quickly.


Dancers should wear full recital hair and make up:

·       Tots- Hair pulled away from face in a bun (if possible). Make up optional.

·       Level 1 and 2- Hair in high (top back portion of hear- NOT directly on top of head) bun.

o   Required make up: Blush, mascara, red lipstick

o   Optional: Foundation, bronzer, neutral colored eye shadow, eye liner

·       Level 3, 4, 5: Hair in high bun (top back portion of hear- NOT directly on top of head) with hair net

o   Required make up: Foundation, blush, neutral colored eye shadow, mascara, red lipstick. *Teachers will provide more detailed information about applying makeup during class.

·       Special needs classes- Whatever you can get away with. 🙂

If hair is too short for a bun, dancers can pull it half up, half down. If you have no idea how to “make a bun,” we will invite all parents into class for a brief “How to” session during class the week prior to recital.


For parents who have older dancers in several dances across the day, you are not required to stay. If your child still requires assistance putting their costume on, changing, etc.… we ask that you stay to assist.


Time Class Dance Name Notes:
9:00am Saturday 9:00 Tiny Tots Where’s My Cookie?
9:15am Saturday 9:00 Tots My Magic Tutu
9:30am Saturday 9:30 Tots Lollipop
9:45am Saturday 9:45 Tap/Jazz You Can’t Stop the Beat Jazz shoes
10:00am Saturday 11:00 Level 1 Believe Pink tights, tutu
10:15am Saturday 11:15 Special Needs Try Everything
10:30am Saturday 11:00 Level 1 Shake Your Groove Thing Tan tights, feather in hair on right side of bun.
10:45am Monday 5:00pm Level 1 Let Them Be Little Pink tights

Flower pin on right side of leotard right below strap

Flower hair piece on right side of bun

11:10am Monday 5:15 Acro We Know the Way
11:25am Monday 5:00pm Level 1 Shop Around Tan tights, tap shoes

Black gloves

Ruffle skirt

Black and blue hair piece in front of bun

11:40am Monday 6:00 Level 2 You’ll Be in My Heart Pink tights, ballet slippers


Rose headpiece on right side of bun

Black choker

12:00pm Monday 6:00 Level 2A Think Shorts

Pink scrunchie around bun

12:10pm Monday 6:00 Level 2 Bring the House Down Tan tights, tap shoes

Fringe skirt

Gold collar

Hairpiece on right side of bun

12:30pm Monday 6:00 Level 2A Put Another Nickel In Tutu


12:40pm Monday 7:30 Hip Hop Michael Jackson
1:20pm Monday 11:00am Tots Mama Loves It
1:30pm Tuesday 5:00 Tots Choo Choo Boogie
1:45pm Thursday Musical Theatre  A Chorus Line
2:00pm Thursday 5:15 Tots Almost There
2:15pm MIXED LEVEL BALLET Sarabande
2:40pm Tuesday 5:45 and 7:30 Hip Hop Me Too and Every Little Step
2:55pm Thursday Level 3 Tap Sparkling Diamonds Gloves and all jewelry
3:10pm Thursday Special Needs Born This Way
3:30pm Thursday Level 3 Lyrical Slow Down Black hair piece on right side of bun
3:40pm Thursday Level 3A Jazz Come Together
3:50pm Thursday Level 3 Jazz Ease on Down the Road
4:00pm Thursday Advanced Acro Jai Ho Black leotard under costume
4:15pm Tuesday Level 3A Tap Hey Pachuco!
4:30pm Thursday 3A Lyrical Rise Up
4:45pm Level 4 Tap Typewriter
5:00pm Level 3 and 4 Contemp/Jazz Unsteady and Covergirl Tan tights for photos
5:15pm Remaining Solos


*Students who performing solos are duets will be fit in throughout the day around their other photos. If there is not time, we will take these photos at the end of the day.