FUN Inclusive Dance Classes for Dancers with Disabilities!

535943_10200727370056924_110742148_n-2At Ashford, we believe that every child is a dancer. We offer a wide variety of classes for dancers who learn differently. All students are welcome to participate in our inclusive dance classes including those with physical disabilities, developmental disabilities, emotional needs, and those who may just need a little bit more individual attention. Classes are taught by highly qualified experienced instructors, and curriculum is developed by a NYS Certified Special Education Teacher.


We tried other dance schools, but none offered the same warm, inclusive environment as Ashford Ballet. We will keep coming back for years to come! Parent Testimonial

She wakes up on Saturday mornings and can’t wait to go to dance class. What a structured yet FUN class environment you’ve created! Parent Testimonial

We would love to have you join us for a free trial class anytime! Contact us today and let us know to expect you.

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